Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jeff and Jordan are Back to Make Money on Big Brother 13

A couple days ago, I posted about making money as a Big Brother contestant and speculated that former houseguests were coming back to milk more of their 15 seconds of reality television fame. I said that one coupld who did Big Brother AND Amazing Race were probably coming back. Of course I was talking about Jeff and Jordan.

Well, the Amazing Race Blog has a post up, and Jeff and Jordan are on Big Brother 13. No surprise there. While I mentioned Johnny Fairplay and some other reality show losers, some of these exhibitionists manage to stay winning for more than one television cycle. The question is how long they stay winning and if they are able to know when it's time to give up on the tv and find something else to do with their fame.

I mean if the cash keeps rolling in for these appearances, then by all means keep doing them, but a lot of these professional reality contestants get a little fame but almost no money for all their small time gigs. They need to win the competitions or get higher pay days for their troubles.

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