Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Money for Nothing: Be a Big Brother 13 Houseguest or Reality TV Contestant

The Unemployed Winner always thinks of ways to keep making money and stay winning without having a job. It's important to keep your cashflow coming in without submitting yourself to the whims of a full-time bossman. If you need to have a boss sometimes, then temp gigs are ideal.

Not everyone can be a big time tv producer or live off residuals and entertainment income. Some short term gigs are gambles and have little in the way of guaranteed income but could pay off in the long term. For example one could be a game show contestant or better yet a competitor on reality tv shows. For example Season 13 of Big Brother just started, and some of the big Big Brother Blogs have shown us some of the Big Brother 13 cast of houseguests. A couple doables, for sure. Anyway, at least one of these losers is going to end up winning in the form of a pretty decent check. I think the winner gets like half a mil. That's not bad, plus a couple of these kids might parlay this gig into other opportunities and a little fame along the way. They could be in other reality shows, host online talkshows, or even become low level pharmacists. The possibilities are endless.

Some of the really popular contestants might go on to multiple winning performances on other reality shows. For example a former Big Brother Couple also did The Amazing Race and might be back on Big Brother 13.

Then again, sometimes a little "reality" fame results in more losing than winning. I saw a little blurb about how that loser Johnny Fairplay is getting divorced because his Next Top Model wife has to work in a day care to pay for his maxipads. That guy's done multiple Survivors and talk show gigs. I guess it doesn't always pay to be a jerk.

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