Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen Teaches Us We Can be Unemployed, but Still Win!

Charlie Sheen is without a doubt THE most talked about person anywhere right now.  He even sparked the return of the movement known as Unemployed Winners that we started over 4 years ago.  Well now the Sheen craze is becoming somewhat of a daily habit for over 1 million Sheen Twitter followers to keep up with.  That's right, only a few days after joining Twitter, Sheen has over 1 million followers.  Talk about being an Unemployed Winner, 1 million Twitter followers in a matter of days is money in the bank, and Mr. Sheen knows it.

But Charlie is sharing the love, in fact even though he knows he can sit back and bank just by tweeting some endorsements, it was recently reported on TMZ that Sheen gave Broguiere's Dairy a huge plug by simply tweeting a pic of himself holding their chocolate milk.  The place got a huge boost in attention because Unemployed Winner Charlie Sheen decided to be nice.  In reality celebrity tweets can cost up to $10,000 a pop, so Charlie doesn't need a TV show, or any damn job...he can be unemployed but still WIN, simply by tweeting.

This is just one example of being an Unemployed Winner.  There are various ways and we will be discussing a ton of them here in the future, but right now Charlie Sheen is giving lessons simply by existing.  We will be following the ride as Charlie Sheen helps us make being an Unemployed Winner the most winning idea idea we had years ago, but we gladly welcome Charlie to the club!

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