Friday, March 18, 2011

Now Jimmy Buffett Wants to Win with Tiger Blood Too

TMZ reported today that Jimmy Buffet is looking to capitalize on the Tiger Blood craze by trademarking the term "Tiger Blood" for use in vodka and energy drinks.  Just last week we revealed that Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood is already available, as it is actually just Xango mangosteen juice.  But Jimmy Buffet is no doubt seeing the winning possibilities in marketing a vodka and energy drinks labeled as "Tiger Blood," just look at what "Margaritaville" did for him.

What will be even more surprising will be if Sheen's people haven't already trademarked the term, as an official "Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood" sounds like money in the bank.  Being Sheen is already going on a live show tour, serving Tiger Blood or even drinking it on stage during the show seems like a marketer's dream.  So the real question is, would you drink something with a "Tiger Blood" label just slapped on it as a slick marketing move, or would you stick with the original drink that Charlie Sheen himself claims is his secret to "Winning."

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