Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen's "Tiger Blood" Revealed as Mangosteen Juice "Xango"?

Well now the secret of our favorite Unemployed Winner's success may be available to everyone!  According to TMZ, the drink that Charlie Sheen called "Tiger Blood" in the infamous pics of him at the top of a building is actually known as "Xango."  Xango is actually a juice drink that promises all sorts of health benefits such a healthy respiratory and immune system, and is a made up of mangosteen and 8 other juices.  Sheen apparently drinks it every day, and obviously thinks it's great judging by the pics.

Of course since we have been Unemployed Winners for about 6 or 7 years now, we checked out Xango juice long ago.  We liked it back then, and it does have some great benefits, but who knew it would come to be the the official Tiger Blood of Charlie Sheen!  We knew "Tiger Blood" would somehow somewhere become a mainstream drink that would make big money, we just didn't know the drink already existed!

What's interesting is that the Xango company is said to be nervous about being associated with Charlie Sheen, but we have a feeling they  may change their tune when order after order starts pouring in for their "Tiger Blood."  You can order your own Xango, Tiger Blood, mangosteen juice, whatever you want to call it, right now below:

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