Wednesday, March 9, 2011

#Winning Has to be the Most Used Hashtag...EVER!

Well we have already pointed out that Charlie Sheen is an official Twitter Superstar, but now many of his famous sayings have taken on lives of their own.  "Tiger Blood" has become a running joke for many ever since Sheen revealed that as one of his secrets to success, but EVERYONE is including the hashtag #Winning in their tweets.  I realized this thing had gone to the next level when I saw TONS of celebrities adding this hashtag to their tweets, no matter what the tweet was about.  It's like everyone from the normal folk, to Unemployed Winners like ourselves, all the way to A-list celebrities are adding #Winning to their posts to try and get a piece of the Sheen Twitter madness. 

Of course there are now a few detractors popping up and pointing out that anyone using Sheen's terms are simply celebrating drug use, but Sheen is non stop as he continues teaching the world how to win.  So whether Charlie Sheen is a good role model or not, he has the world in a #Winning mind set.  Everyone seems to be inspired and are looking at all positivity that comes their way as a win.  As for us, the #Winning movement is all about kicking the world's ass......and being unemployed while doing it!

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